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Advantages of Hans safety shoes

Advantages of Hans safety shoes

Hans safety shoes are manufactured according to European quality standards, EN ISO Europe, ASTM (USA), CE S3, AS Japan, etc., although originating from Korea. It is not natural that Hans safety shoes receive great popularity from the majority of  consumers.. These are the advantages Hans safety shoes provide:

 Korean style design, breathable design, good moisture absorption, comfortable and cool feeling, so it is not only modern and dynamic but also looks extremely fashionable.

 The sole has very good puncture and nail resistance because is lined with high-quality steel. Not only that, the shoe sole made from flexible rubber, the insole is designed with breathable holes to help the user also feel smooth and comfortable, especially with very good anti-slip properties. Smooth surfaces such as grease, oil, etc.

 Currently, Hans protective shoes have enough styles to choose from such as high-neck, low-necked, protective slip-on shoes, rich drawstring, lace-up shoes, .. The product has a light weight that gives a light feeling, no feeling. feel heavy or tired feet, comfortable for the user.

 Compared with European - American shoes, the price of the product is not too expensive so customers can rest assured to choose and buy without worrying about the price being too expensive - this is also a great advantage in the advantages of protective shoes Hans.

Outstanding features of Hans safety shoes

Korean Hans safety shoes are meticulously designed from heel to toe, from body to sole, so they offer the following outstanding features:

 Very suitable for use in the production or processing zones of cosmetics and packaged foods because the product is highly resistant to chemicals.

 Hans shoes from Korea support sun protection, dustproof and moistureproof to bring comfort to the feet.

 This is also a perfect choice if you are looking for a good waterproof product line.

 In all extreme weather conditions, whether leather shoes or canvas shoes, Hans' hot goods are also heat resistant.

 In addition, the product is also the ultimate protection tool for electricians or civil electrical installation workers in the home due to its outstanding insulating properties. 

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With the advantages Hans safety shoes shared, if customers do not know where is the address to sell prestigious and quality Hans safety shoes, ETTE INTERIOR will become the best choice!

📌The protective footwear products in our company  are 100% imported directly from the manufacturer, quality assurance, genuine brand name, with clear documents proving the origin of the product.

📌 The selling price is listed from the manufacturer.

📌 Diversity of shoe products from Hans shoes with high and low neck, to lace-up shoes with screw buckles, loafers, all available,  and many famous brands of safety shoes at home and abroad. Bringing customers a variety of options to suit their job requirements.

📌 In order to help customers find the best and most suitable protective shoes early, we have a team of experienced staff to support and provide professional advice.

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