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The natural delicious taste of dried mango

About dried mango

As mentioned above, mango is a fruit rich in vitamins with health benefits and low in calories. Besides the delicious taste of ripe mango, green mango, a very popular dish is dried mango.

ETTE INTERIOR's dried mango product with 95% dried mango is mango. Absolutely NO additives or preservatives, so customers can use it with peace of mind.

Benefits of dried mango

With an endless source of nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and especially precursor A, in a piece of dried mango still contains a large amount of healthy minerals and vitamins, so when we eat dried mango, It will still retain its sweet and slightly sour taste.

👉 Dried mango has fiber, enzymes and many good bacteria for the digestive system

👉 In mango pieces, there is vitamin B6 to help sleep well and enhance concentration, improve memory.

👉 Scientifically proven phenolic compounds present in mangoes have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

👉 Eating mango daily helps to supplement vitamin A for the eyes, increase eyesight and limit dry eyes and night blindness.

👉 For people with heart disease, vitamin B6 limits hocmonysteine ​​because the amino acid causes damage to blood vessels.

👉 Dried mango contains negligible fat and a lot of nutrition, eating mango helps to burn calories and support effective weight loss.

It is not natural that dried mango has become everyone's favorite dish, with its irresistible sweet and sour taste and eye-catching golden color, this dish quickly conquered many people.

ETTE INTERIOR Company always uses the best and highest quality mangoes and through the standard processing stage, the characteristic flavor of the mango is still preserved. Not stopping there, the nutritional ingredients are still very abundant, good for health without being lost.

The production process of dried mango at ETTE INTERIOR company is always hygienic and thorough with the desire to bring the best quality products to customers.

✔️ After harvesting, mangoes are cleaned and peeled.

✔️  Mangoes will be sliced ​​moderately thin after cleaning, still retaining their inherent softness and bright yellow color.

✔️ Next, with modern machinery, the mango will be dried, but still retain the flavor and nutrients.

✔️  Pack and store carefully in a suitable environment.

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Because this is a delicious and nutritious dish, there are now many places to sell dried mango on the market. However, to choose a quality and reputable address is not a simple matter.

With the introduction, sharing about the uses, benefits and production process of dried mango at ETTE INTERIOR company. Hope you have made a reasonable choice in consuming the product.

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