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Super good health and beauty benefits from beetroot powder

Is beetroot good?

Beetroot, a type of sweet beet (English name is Beetroot) or red beet, is most commonly grown in areas of the UK, Central America and North America.

Beetroots usually come in 2 colors: crimson and purplish with a rough black outer skin. You will see many concentric circles with different dark - light colors when cut across.

Beets contain various vitamins and minerals such as folate, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B-6, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, glutamine, zinc, copper and selenium. In addition, beets also contain many nitrates, betalain pigments, and fiber that are used in blood circulation, menstruation and liver and biliary disorders.

From the nutritional value of red beetroot, the company ETTE INTERIOR has also researched and launched pure beetroot powder.

What is pure beetroot powder?

Beetroot powder is a powder that is freeze-dried and finely ground at low temperature, derived from 100% organic red beets, so the nutritional content of the fresh root is still preserved.

The powder is a dry fine powder. crimson color, no preservatives and no added flavorings. In addition to being used to color dishes, beetroot powder is also widely used in the field of beauty.

The super good benefits of beetroot powder

With health:

👉 Lowers blood pressure: beetroot powder is a beneficial food for patients with blood pressure disease, the nitrate in beetroot is effective in stabilizing blood pressure.

👉 Preventing cancer-causing agents: Studies also suggest that beets can help prevent and break down cancer-causing illegal compounds called nitrosamines.

👉 Helps strengthen resistance, immune system: beetroot powder with high nutrient content is worthy of being an essential ingredient to help enhance health, immune system and repel the risk of some diseases.

 👉 Constipation: Betaine in beets is beneficial for people suffering from hypochlorhydria, a medical condition characterized by low levels of stomach acid. In addition, beets are high in fiber, which regulates digestion and eases bowel movements for quick relief from constipation.

👉 Promotes Brain Function: Nitric oxide and boron in beets work to promote blood flow and promote cognitive function to maintain healthy brain function and prevent dementia.

👉 Support treatment of anemia: iron is an important substance in the regeneration of blood cells and provides oxygen to all parts of the body and copper in beetroot powder has the effect of stimulating iron production.

👉 Beetroot powder is good for the liver: in beets, there are Betalains that help purify the blood, skin, liver and enhance the function of the body. It also protects the liver from oxidative damage and inflammation and amplifies the liver's natural detoxifying enzymes.

👉 Helps prevent varicose veins: arterial elasticity is stabilized, preventing varicose veins for the body if using beets regularly.

With beauty:

Not only focusing on health, ETTE INTERIOR company also cares about the beauty needs of women during the production of beetroot powder.

👉 Reduce puffiness: women will be more confident when communicating when puffiness is blown away thanks to the content of nutrients in beetroot powder.

👉 Anti-aging: the active ingredient beta-cyanidin in beetroot powder has been shown by many studies to have strong anti-aging capabilities. The lifting tone, helping the skin to be bright and smooth, evenly colored from the abundant content of vitamin C, sodium, and magnesium in beetroot powder.
 👉 Lip balm: lips will be plump and rosy naturally thanks to the content of vitamin A, vitamin E, beta-carotene in beetroot powder. The factors that cause darkening of the lips, darkening of the lips after being contaminated with chemicals are also removed thanks to the nutrients in this tuber.

👉 Exfoliation: regular exfoliation helps skin care ingredients penetrate directly into the dermis, increasing the effectiveness of moisturizing, whitening and exfoliating methods to smooth and brighten the skin from the powder. beets are also known.

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With the effects and benefits of beetroot powder brought through the content of the article above, we should not miss such a good product.

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