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Nutritional value of dried red flesh dragon fruit

About the red flesh dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is not a strange fruit, with the nutritional value it brings today, it is not small. Although appearing later, the red flesh dragon fruit is called the queen because in the composition of the red flesh dragon fruit contains twice the nutritional content of the white flesh dragon.

✒️ With the most suitable nutritional ingredients for maintaining shape and beauty, regulating calorie intake, red dragon fruit also helps to reduce the phenomenon of dry, cracked skin, keratinization and aging, keeping the skin healthy. youthful beauty refreshes and moisturizes the skin, making it smoother thanks to its high water content.

✒️ Compared to other fruits, red flesh dragon fruit has absolutely no fat, but on the contrary, the amount of fiber is very high compared to other fruits.

✒️ From the benefits of red flesh dragon fruit, this is definitely a fruit that should not be ignored but with today's busy, modern life, sometimes we will not be able to provide the nutrients we are currently living. needed and lacking for the body.

Understanding this problem, with the desire to accompany health care, ETTE INTERIOR Company has researched and launched a convenient product of dried red flesh dragon fruit - a dish for busy people.

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Nutritional value from dried red flesh dragon fruit

For health:

Helps with good digestion, preventing constipation: in red flesh dragon fruit has a high water content, rich in fiber, in addition, there is a large amount of plant albumin, which is very rare in common vegetables.
The process promotes gastrointestinal motility, helps excrete easily, prevents constipation, helps prevent colorectal cancer and hemorrhoids, especially intestinal cancer.
In addition, the energy source for the aged mucosal cells comes from fiber, which increases the fermentation capacity of bacteria, producing short-chain acids.


Anti-anemia: compared to common fruits, dragon fruit has a higher iron content. In the human body, iron is a necessary material for the production of hemoglobin, iron is an indispensable element for the production of red blood cells, which plays an important role in health.
Reducing cholesterol content: the risk of cardiovascular diseases is also reduced because the fiber in red dragon fruit does not increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
Prevent cancer: Anthocyanidin is a substance with very good effects and the content of anthocyanidin in dragon fruit is relatively high, has the effect of preventing the development of tumors and tumors.
Stabilize blood pressure: for people at risk of heart attack or stroke,  dragon fruit can help stabilize blood pressure.
Eye problems: Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin A in the form of carotene - essential for the retina, brightness and eyesight of the eyes. Many eye problems, especially age-related macular degeneration, can be caused by vitamin A deficiency. Dragon fruit can help maintain and improve vision.

For beauty care

Besides health care, our company ETTE INTERIOR also cares about beauty care through dried red flesh dragon fruit.

Maintain in shape: the fiber in red dragon fruit not only helps with good digestion, but also in the stomach, the fiber that stays for a long time will create a feeling of fullness, less appetite, so this is also an effective way to lose weight but still enough energy for the body.
Moisturizing and beautifying skin: high content of vitamin C and vitamin B helps to limit skin aging, exfoliate to help smooth and youthful skin. The skin is moisturized and hydrated thanks to the high water content, so the skin has a youthful and fresh beauty.

The dried red flesh dragon fruit of ETTE INTERIOR Company is the optimal and effective solution if you are wondering, "how can I use red flesh dragon fruit quickly?", "travel chains" , how must the work be preserved?", ...

Because it is a tropical fruit, dragon fruit, in general, retains its freshness for only about 3-5 days, in excess, it will lose its freshness. One more obstacle, the size of dragon fruit is not small, so during the transportation process, there will be bumps, causing fruit breakage, crushing, ...

Through the research process, we found that the dried red flesh dragon fruit brings outstanding advantages. And ETTE INTERIOR Company has noticed its quickness and convenience:

✔️ Drying only reduces the amount of water, the flavor remains the same.
✔️ Drying slices are small, saving space.
✔️ Longer preservation just need to be kept at a cool, appropriate temperature.
Choosing the dried red flesh dragon fruit of ETTE INTERIOR company, customers will surely be satisfied when:
📌 Standardized production process.
📌 Source of raw materials and fuel are clear and of good quality.
📌 Always put product quality first.
📌 Reasonable price.
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