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Reasons not to ignore dried passion fruit

About passion fruit

Passion fruit (also known as passion fruit), is a species of vine in the family Passifloraceae. This plant is native to South American countries (Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil) but is already widespread in many parts of the world.

The fruit is globose or oval, turning yellow or dark purple when ripe. In a succulent fruit, there are many seeds.

There are two varieties that are quite distinctly different:
- Like a light yellow fruit (English: Golden Passion Fruit), similar to a grapefruit, smooth skin, pale color, sour taste.
- Like a dark burgundy fruit, almost as big as a lemon, less sour than the yellow variety, but also more fragrant.

Usually many people still think that passion fruit cannot make dried passion fruit because they can only use the water and the seeds. However, besides the nutrients contained in water and seeds, passion fruit peel also contains many active ingredients that have great uses for the human body.

Reasons not to ignore dried passion fruit

Dried passion fruit at ETTE INTERIOR company is a product made from 100% natural fresh passion fruit through modern freeze-drying technology to help keep its natural flavor and improve health.

Since they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and healthful plant compounds, this product is not only a delicious snack but also very good for everyone's health.

Regulate blood pressure: Not only is passion fruit good for blood, but it is also rich in iron and potassium, which can balance cholesterol in the blood, avoiding fat in the blood. The phenolic acids and flavonoids in passion fruit also have the effect of preventing cardiovascular disease and fighting infections.

Promotes healthy digestive system: Passion fruit has a lot of essential vitamins and nutrients and an abundant amount of fiber, so when used, it will help support the digestive system, laxative.

Strengthens the immune system: Passion fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, beta-cryptoxanthin and alpha-carotene to help strengthen the immune system, keep the body healthy, reduce the incidence of common diseases.

Skin protection: high vitamin C content and antioxidants help maintain collagen and elastin, so it has the ability to slow down the skin aging process. Skin is moisturized, cleaned to help healthy skin, reduce swelling and prevent acne extremely effectively thanks to the essential oils in passion fruit seeds and passion fruit peels.

Weight loss: passion fruit contains many simple sugars, the content of vitamin C and amino acids will promote metabolism, thereby eliminating fat faster and helping to increase physical strength but not harmful for diabetics. effective weight loss.

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Currently, it is a widely sold product on the market of dried passion fruit, which is supplied by many large and small units. However, the status of fake and poor quality goods will affect the product quality as well as the health of consumers.

ETTE INTERIOR Company is a supplier of dried passion fruit from a modern, reputable factory, ensuring maximum product quality as well as the best price on the market of dried fruit today. We firmly believe that customers will feel satisfied with the taste and products at the company.

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