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Why use celery powder?

What is celery powder?

As a nutritious food, not only is it an ingredient used in the processing of daily dishes, but celery also provides essential nutrients for the body to help lose weight, prevent dangerous diseases, especially diabetes. hypertensive diseases.

Currently, for the convenience of use, celery is not only used directly, but also processed into powdered products.

Celery powder is produced from 100% pure fresh celery, based on modern cold drying technology and high temperature food grinding technology to create products.

Why use celery powder?

For people who use celery powder or fresh celery greens, these are foods that are rich in nutrients and extremely good for health. But why should use celery powder, here are the reasons why ETTE INTERIOR company gives you.

Easy to store: the shelf life of fresh celery is very short, if you use it, you can only use it for a few days. In case of placing in the refrigerator, the vegetables are fresh, not rotten, but when used, the quality of cold decreases a bit.

As for celery powder, you can store the powder in a bag or jar, after taking the powder, just close it and store it in a cool, dry place, you can use it gradually without worrying about the powder being damaged.

Save processing time: after buying fresh celery, you need to wash it, you must have a tool such as a blender or juicer to get the celery juice.

With celery powder, you just need to take an appropriate amount of powder and mix it with water and stir well to be able to use it right away. It's convenient and saves a lot of time.

Taste is easy to drink: if fresh celery has a bitter, slightly strong taste, so when squeezing the drink, it will make you feel difficult to drink, celery powder after going through the freezing process, soothes the odors. Celery will make it easier for you to drink and still ensure the nutrients of celery.

The benefits of celery powder

Good for people with high blood fat, cerebrovascular accident: Celery powder supports the treatment of diseases caused by high acid such as: blood infections, rheumatism, gout thanks to alkaline substances that help neutralize acid.

Celery powder also contains magnesium and very high iron content to help treat diseases caused by anemia, diseases that cause bleeding ...

👉 Treatment of high blood pressure: calcium, iron, protid, free radical amino acids, phosphorus and contains high essential oils, inositol, mannitol and vitamins in celery powder to increase appetite, promote blood pressure. In particular, celery powder also contains high levels of apigenin, which helps prevent high blood pressure and dilate blood vessels.

👉 Treatment of insomnia: celery powder has alkaline substances that are very good for the nervous system, helping you to have a good and deep sleep, reducing stress and fatigue.

👉 Respiratory diseases: celery powder reduces spasms,  so they are used to treat asthma, pleurisy, tuberculosis, bronchitis...etc.

👉 Celery powder helps prevent kidney stones: Using celery powder daily is very beneficial for the kidneys, preventing and eliminating the formation of kidney stones.

👉 Good for bones and joints: high magnesium, calcium and vitamin K content is good for the development of the bone and joint system.

👉 Diuretic effect: Celery powder is rich in sodium and potassium, which has a diuretic effect, eliminating excess water through the urine.

👉 Moisturizing, rejuvenating skin: Celery juice is rich in vitamins A, group B, vitamins C, K   and Folate which are essential for skin damage as well as keeping healthy for soft, supple skin.

👉 Weight loss: Modern medicine research shows that celery has a lot of essential oils, especially in the fruit part, water accounts for 90.5%, nitrogen accounts for 1.95%, fat, cellulose... therefore, celery It is a very good food to detoxify the body, help lose weight, and beautify the skin.

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With the reasons why celery powder should be used answered, a "painful" problem today is the market is flooded with poor quality celery powder of unknown origin. obviously, greatly affect the health of users.

With the sales criterion saying no to poor quality goods, imitation goods, fake goods, ETTE INTERIOR company has been a reputable address for selling celery powder for many years.

Carefully selected fresh celery plants, advanced drying technology and skilled and meticulous staff. The product that reaches the user, we are committed to being a quality celery powder product.

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