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About Rapaheal masks

What exactly is RAPAHEAL?

RAPAHEAL means healing. Bnk puts sincerity into each RAPAHEAL mask today, as much as breathing should be the most comfortable Bnk is the first company in Korea to produce and manufacture allin-one products from various materials such as non-woven fabrics, melt-blown, industrial filters, and masks to finished products.

A corporation that prioritizes the environment

Bnk Co., Ltd., a truly eco-friendly and comprehensive nonwoven fabric manufacturer, aspires to give "customer happiness" to clients who demand the greatest goods and quality.

With consistent R&D, innovation in the manufacturing process, and the goal of "transparency, management, on-site management, and reliable management," we are striving to become a leading firm in the global era. Bnk Co., Ltd. is still investing and creating technology with a major goal as a firm that puts the environment first, for a clean environment in the future.

Bnk, the first company in Korea to create and manufacture nonwoven textiles, melt-blown industrial filters, and masks, is an all-in-one operation that produces and manufactures from ingredients to finished goods.

With our own technology and the ability that only bnk has, we guarantee the highest quality.

Some pictures of mask production machinery of Bnk company

2D Rapaheal Face Mask

Signature Embo White, Rapaheal Embo Violet

This is RAPAHEAL's signature mask, which was the first in Korea to use the exterior material as an embossing design. Individual packaging allows for hygienic use, and a high-efficiency, low-differential pressure MB Filter (Melt-blown Filter/efficiency 94 percent or above) developed directly by bnk is used as part of a 5-layer structure.

It's a soft ear band that won't hurt your ears even if you use it for a long period. It is hypoallergenic to the skin and has an exceptional ability to absorb moisture because it is made of the finest quality sanitary material.

Jet black, charcoal gray, baby pink

It is the Rapha Heal Signature Color Mask. Individual packaging can be employed hygienically, and a high-efficiency, lowdifferential pressure MB Filter (Meltblown Filter/efficiency of 94 percent or higher) made directly by bnk as a fourlayer structure can be used.

It's a soft ear band that won't hurt your ears even if you use it for a long period. It is hypoallergenic to the skin and has an exceptional ability to absorb moisture because it is made of the finest quality sanitary material.

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3D Face Mask

The premium lining is constructed of 100% locally produced quadruple filter (MB filter) in Korea, and the mask filter material absorbs secretions efficiently, making it a comfortable mask to use for long periods of time.

We make our own Melt Blown fabric and non-woven fabric linings for masks, as well as fiber for sanitary napkins and diapers. It's made to be as easy to breathe as possible while minimizing the amount of discomfort on your ears.

Dental Face Mask

It has a three-dimensional design with a three-layer structure made of the best grade polypropylene nonwoven fabric, and it delivers a comfortable feeling without causing skin irritation.

The outer non-woven fabric blocks splashes, and the lining non-woven fabric uses materials for sanitary napkins and diapers to lessen irritation to the skin.

Also, we directly produce lining non-woven fabric and melt blown fabric to satisfy quality and pendinance Using high-quality hygienic linings, all RAPHEAL Mask products are hygienic and safe.

Rapaheal mask size

Rapaheal 2D Mask


* The measuring numbers (in error range) may differ from what you measure the products by yourself

3D Face Masks (KF94 & KFAD)


Dental Face Mask


High graded mask made by our manugacturer where specialized in making professional filter 100% made in KOREA.


Besides understanding the importance of using masks, finding out a reputable supplier is also really necessary. Especially when the market is currently overflowing with unknown production facilities, qualified and antibacterial as advertised.

For more peace of mind, ETTE INTERIOR company is the place to supply standard and high quality Rapaheal masks. It is important that the product has been tested to achieve all its ability to prevent disease and dust.

Through the introduction of Rapaheal masks, we hope that customers have been provided with more information as well as selected for themselves a standard mask unit.

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