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Delicious dishes from squid beard

Features of squid beard

Squid whiskers, also known as squid legs, usually have 10 limbs, or 10 legs - according to the Greek name. These 10 limbs are divided into 8 arms, 2 tentacles.

For a long time, the squid beard has been considered by the sea people as the most delicious part of the squid because this is the part that moves and moves, hunts, and works continuously, so it will contain many muscle groups, rich in nutrients, and eat a lot. crispy and delicious.

The squid beard or squid head is the head of the squid after it has been separated from the squid body. Many people still think that squid beard is a discarded part, but in fact, squid beard is usually taken from high-quality, good-nourishing squid, so it quickly becomes a specialty in meals.


To be able to choose the best fresh squid beard, housewives when flipping the squid beard will see that the ink tentacles stick to the beard, showing that the squid is very fresh and still has elasticity as well as freshly caught.

And if the tentacles are dropped and do not stick, the ink is no longer delicious and fresh. In particular, if the squid is still fresh and of good quality, the squid beard is very firm, and the squid is no longer fresh, showing signs of rot and for a long time, the beard is usually soft. Even frozen products, if the squid is frozen when it is fresh, the squid beard will be firm, not soft due to being left for a long time.

For busy people, frozen squid beard will be a perfect choice, not because the frozen product will lose nutrients, but the squid after being caught will be cleaned and then separated. frozen. Due to early freezing, the freshness and flavor of the squid is still guaranteed when processing.

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Delicious dishes from squid beard

Bring the salty taste of the sea with crunchy, chewy charm. Currently, squid beard has a strange attraction with many irresistible dishes:

- Grilled squid beard satay

- Dried squid beard

- Grilled squid beard with salt and chili

- Steamed squid beard with lemongrass

- Fried squid with fish sauce

- Seafood hotpot


As mentioned above, frozen products are not of poor quality, frozen squid products at our company ETTE INTERIOR always ensure safety in terms of quality and preservation.

👉 Squid whiskers are packed when they are still very fresh and frozen in time.

👉 Squid whiskers are frozen quickly, so harmful germs can be prevented, which have a negative impact on physical health.

👉 Reasonable price, compatible with consumer wallets.

👉 Ensuring food safety during customs clearance

With the above advantages, frozen squid beard is a good food source. Bring a variety of choices, save costs for consumers.

Despite offering many advantages, not all sources of squid products are of the same quality, there are shops of unknown origin, with cheap prices, the ink is contaminated with very scary chemicals.

Frozen squid beard at ETTE INTERIOR company is a good suggestion that you should not ignore, you can rest assured because the squid beard has clear origin. Standard preservation mode should ensure that the flavor is preserved, the beard is sweet, fresh, and guaranteed. Let's join ETTE INTERIOR company with the best quality meal for the whole family.

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