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How to choose and buy delicious dried squid in HCMC

Nutritional value of dried squid

Before learning how to choose and buy delicious dried squid in Ho Chi Minh City, let's learn about the nutritional value of dried squid.

Known as the specialty of the sea, dried squid offers a very special flavor that no other food can match. Many people will doubt, even mistakenly think that dry food will have no nutrients or have many preservatives. But dried squid is not only delicious but also very nutritious, bringing a lot of benefits to health.

✔️  Dried Squid has a selenium component that works to reduce oxidation in the body,   prevent bone and joint diseases (rheumatism, joint pain, gout ...)

✔️ Protein in dry ink not much but enough to provide energy for body movement

✔️  Copper mineral in dried squid  helps the iron absorption process in the body take place stronger.

✔️ As a type of seafood, it should come as no surprise with their rich source of calcium and phosphorus.

✔️ Source of vitamin B12 has the effect of preventing cardiovascular disease

✔️ Vitamin B3 works as a balance to regulate blood sugar in the body

✔️ Very high zinc content strengthens the immune system in the body

The amount of magnesium in dried squid also has the effect of relaxing nerves and muscles.

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How to choose to buy dried squid - delicious, quality dried squid

About ink color: the head and body of the ink stick together, do not fall, do not peel, usually have a moderate red color, fresh, not too dark.

Chalk layer on dried ink: when buying, you should choose squid with as thick a layer of chalk as possible because fresh squid when dried will have a very thick white chalk layer covering the whole body.

Ink dryness: delicious dried squid is exposed to natural sunlight, when pressed by hand, it will not stick to your hands, can't feel moisture, dry hands, have a characteristic aroma.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the thickness of squid meat, so choose to buy those with moderate size, thick meat, straight body. In addition, choose to buy dried squid that is carefully packed, fully labeled and sold at reputable stores to ensure quality.

Address to sell delicious dried squid in Ho Chi Minh City

As mentioned above, the market today has many addresses selling dried squid, but choosing the right one with quality, prestige and affordable price is not easy for consumers.

With the desire to serve customers as well as the motto "please come, please go" and not only do business once, ETTE INTERIOR will make customers satisfied with:

📌 100% fresh squid is caught, selected.

📌 Ensure food hygiene and safety, impregnated with chemicals.

📌 Sweet taste in each fiber.

📌 Meticulously packaged, ensuring ink quality during the storage period

Not only that, we also weigh the right weight, sell at the right price, so customers are completely safe when choosing to buy dried ink at ETTE INTERIOR company.

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