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Hans Protective Shoe Collection

History of Hans

- September 24, 1993: Registering for commercial business party A, party B

- June 28, 1993: Established a climbing shoe factory to serve domestic demand and export to Japan with its own brand.

- May 12, 1994: Applying the mode of director and management according to each stage, specialized production market.

- February 20, 2002: Received ISO 9001 quality business certificate.

- June 25, 2002: Received the 6th Safe Business Object Award.

- June 25, 2005: Developed the earliest safety shoes used on scaffolding in the country (supported by the Korean Industrial Safety Protection Organization).

- June 29, 2005: Received the 9th Best Award for Safe Enterprise.

- March 10, 2007: Received the license for safety shoes “SYMPA-TEX”.

- May 15, 2007: Moved to the newly created office building Jeongrip-dong.

- 11/01/2010: Producing cycling shoes and establishing a sales department.

- November 8, 2011: Establishment of an enterprise research institute.

- June 13-14, 2012: Certified as an Inni-Biz enterprise, a venture business enterprise.

- February 9, 2014: Designated as a Star IP enterprise at Techno Park, Daejeon Technologically Innovative.

- April 30, 2016: Established factory in Daejeon..

- October 1, 2016: Established factory in Moc Bai - Vietnam.

- 2017: Established Hans Korea company.

Hans Protective Shoe Collection

Forget about hard and heavy safety shoes for now. HANS safety shoes with meticulous and careful design not only bring safety, lightness and comfort, but also accompany you in everyday life, always ensuring safety and health care for the couple. your leg.

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HANS Insulating Shoes and Electrostatic Shoes use materials with anti-electrical function, made by HANS' own techniques and technology, to protect workers from occupational accidents related to socks. all types of electricity.

High anti-slip lava base from water and oil, 2-layer buffered pyrone helps reduce fatigue for workers..., all technical capabilities of HANS will promote their true value at the place of production.

As an enterprise in Korea, HANS will fly far and away with international shoe companies and create a new history in the shoe industry, featuring pioneering product development, quality and innovation. excellent quality, different advertising strategies, the spirit of customer service is god, clean business, good corporate culture and always care about the natural environment. Will do our best for the goal of becoming a top brand in the world.

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