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Learn about dried anchovies

Learn about dried anchovies


Anchovies are a family of fish that mainly live in saltwater environments, with some species living in brackish and fresh water. This species is small in size, usually shorter than 15cm. They often live in groups, eating plankton.

Because the life cycle of anchovies is quite short and the fish season is not long, so people have taken advantage of the sun to bring the fish to dry, with such conditions, dried anchovies have a typical taste in the salty sea. but  still retain the deliciousness as well as nutrients. Not only that,  this dish is can be used at any time.

Nutritional value of dried anchovies:

Despite having a very small body, the amount of nutrients is extremely large. For every 100g of anchovies, it will provide about 130 calories along with nutrients that can be mentioned as follows: fat, vitamins E, A, K, B vitamins and minerals.
The amount of protein and protein in anchovies is also not controversial, in 100g of anchovies there are up to 29g of protein needed for the body, the amount of protein taken from fish is much better than red meat.

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Benefits for human health:

👉 Anchovies good for the heart: Dried anchovies contain unsaturated fatty acids, which are extremely good for the cardiovascular system. Besides, it also helps to reduce bad cholesterol and serious cardiovascular problems.

👉 Good for eyes: vitamin A in dried anchovies has a brightening effect and helps prevent eye diseases such as cataracts.

👉 Supports skin beauty: anchovies effectively support in the process of beautifying the skin, preventing acne and wrinkles due to its rich amount of protein, fatty acids, vitamin E, calcium and selenium.

👉 Effective weight loss: low in calories and protein, dried anchovies is one of the dishes that have an effective weight loss effect for women.

In addition to the benefits on anchovies is also known as a clean product. Compared to many polluted sea water sources, when eating marine organisms living in polluted areas, these substances will be introduced into our bodies. Anchovies are small, eating only plankton, so this is the least polluted and low-mercury organism.

Dried anchovies are the ingredient for so many dishes and it's only really perfect when it's high quality.

The color of the fish outside, the flesh of the fish is clear yellow, not sticky or wet to the touch. Delicious dried fish will have a very slight fishy smell, if the fish is thin or has uneven color streaks, it should not be purchased because it is a fish that is not exposed to the sun, handled carefully during storage.

Dried anchovies at ETTE INTERIOR company always ensure:

📌 The source of anchovies is always carefully selected, fresh and delicious, the production process ensures food safety and hygiene, the equipment and machinery are cleaned regularly to ensure the quality of each batch of dried fish.

📌 Dried fish has natural color, firm flesh and does not rot.

📌 Dried fish is carefully preserved and packed meticulously, committed to product quality during transportation.

📌 Reasonable price

After learning about dried anchovies, customers can rest assured when choosing products from ETTE INTERIOR company, we are committed to our products are completely natural, caught from the sea, taste standard as well. such as quality, do not use any chemicals for processing, always ensure food safety and hygiene.

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