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Pure perilla powder in HCMC

Introducing perilla

Perilla plant scientific name is Perilla ocymoides, Perilla frulesscens, 40-100 cm tall, has many branches, trunk and branches are square, concave at the edge and hairy. Perilla leaves are green or purple, symmetrical, with serrated margins and fragrant.

Perilla has many types: purple-leaf perilla, green-leaf perilla, curly-leaf perilla, flat-leaf perilla, etc. Perilla is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and protein-poisoning properties. fish, cough hen,….

Today, perilla leaves show effectiveness in the treatment of gout, fat loss, treatment of dyslipidemia, anti-inflammatory, good effect in cancer treatment, etc.

In addition, perilla has the effect of beautifying the skin at a low cost with high nutritional value, rich in vitamins A, C, rich in Ca, Fe, and P... but effective. Currently, perilla leaves are often used fresh directly or dried, dried, crushed to use gradually.

Why is perilla powder chosen by everyone and looking for an address to sell pure perilla powder in Ho Chi Minh City? Let's come to the effect of perilla powder.

About health:

Effective cold relief: perilla powder has a spicy taste, aroma, and warmth to help sweat glands escape from the body, purifying, lowering toxic gases, and effectively treating phlegm. From there, after 2-3, it will help relieve colds and reduce fever completely without using western medicine.

Cure cough, asthma, a lot of phlegm, chest tightness, shortness of breath: as mentioned, perilla has a spicy taste, warm nature, so when it enters the heart and waste channels, it has the effect of draining sweat, lowering gas, dissipating phlegm. cure sneezing, runny nose due to upper respiratory tract infection (cough), fever, cough. Many studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of perilla in the treatment of sensitivities, seasonal allergies and asthma.

Digestive disorders, fish poisoning: thanks to the active ingredients tannins and glucosides have anti-inflammatory effects, astringent ulcers, healing scars and reducing the increase in stomach acid, so perilla not only has an analgesic effect but also Support treatment of stomach diseases, fish poisoning is very good. In addition, people with stomach pain drink perilla leaf juice regularly, in addition to helping to relieve pain quickly.

Treatment of gout:  The cause of gout is due to a daily diet that leads to an excess of uric acid in the blood, which causes the accumulation and deposition of sharp needle-shaped urate crystals in joints, cartilage, and bones. arthritis and acute gout attacks.

According to research by Japanese scientists, perilla leaves contain 04 active ingredients that effectively inhibit xanthine oxidase enzymes - enzymes that cause uric acid formation in the human body. Therefore, perilla has the effect of keeping uric acid levels in the blood at a low level equivalent to using Allopurinol in the treatment of lowering blood uric acid in gout patients today.

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In beauty:

Supports weight loss:  The essential oil in perilla powder not only burns excess fat, but also aids digestion, prevents fat absorption, treats dyslipidemia and improves weight very safely and effectively. effective.

Beautify skin, whiten skin: the active ingredient priseril in perilla has the effect of purifying the skin, exfoliating and improving the color of the skin to help you have a natural white skin. Not only that, perilla leaves are rich in vitamin E, which helps to increase skin moisture, improve dryness, and make skin softer and smoother.

Treatment of acne, dark spots: The essential oil in perilla leaves has strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic properties, helps regulate sweat glands to work stably, thereby helping to eliminate sebum and sebum under the skin effectively. , helps the skin to tighten pores, prevent acne, acne bran, reduce dark spots in the most optimal way.

Understanding the need to find a place to sell pure perilla powder in Ho Chi Minh City from the effects of perilla powder, ETTE INTERIOR company with the desire to bring the best products, we have selected ingredients from Perilla variety has the best medicinal properties. Grown and cared for according to organic farming processes - no chemicals, completely isolated from dust, environmental pollution or toxic chemicals.

To ensure the preservation of aroma, nutrients, medicinal properties and convenience when using perilla powder processed by the most modern freeze-drying technology.

Currently on the market perilla powder has many different prices and quality, to ensure you buy quality perilla powder at the best price, immediately contact ETTE INTERIOR company via CLICK for details. advice and order support.

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