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Centella asiatica powder - food every day for the body

The difference between centella asiatica powder and fresh centella asiatica

The product is crushed, ground from fresh centella asiatica, dried or dried to lose the water, which is mainly contained in the leaves and stalks called centella asiatica powder.

Many people often think that a fresh food that is turned into a powder will definitely not be as good. However, centella asiatica powder still contains substances such as Vitamin B1, C, K, Fe, carbohydrates, carotene, protein, potassium, cellulose and some other beneficial nutrients that are essential for the body in general and the skin in general. private.

Health benefits of centella asiatica powder:

👉 Diuretic, prevent urinary tract infections.

👉 Strengthen the brain, prevent high blood pressure. Improve the body's immune system.

👉  Has the function of nourishing the liver, anti-inflammatory, healing wounds or ulcers, diuretic, clearing heat.

👉 Treat leprosy, boils.

👉 Healing liver disease, eliminating toxins in the body, helping to clear heat, detoxify, and cool the liver.

👉 Helps promote collagen formation in the dermis.

👉 Heal damaged tissues and tight skin, prevent skin hyperemia, detoxify and remove abscesses.

👉 For young children, centella asiatica powder has the effect of helping to reduce fever and improve diarrhea.

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Effects in beauty of centella asiatica powder:

👉 Treat orange peel on the skin, prevent aging: this herb provides a large amount of vitamins and minerals to help you solve the problem of rough skin. In addition, it also promotes cell regeneration, stimulates collagen production - the most effective anti-aging secret.

👉 The condition of pimples, heat rash, itching on the skin will be improved because centella asiatica powder has the ability to clean and purify the blood.

👉 The triterpenoids in centella asiatica have a cooling effect, so they heal wounds, scars, and burns quickly.

👉 Prevent hair loss: centella asiatica contains substances that help protect the scalp, increase hair growth, restore brittle hair, and help hair grow fast and strong.

👉 Improve sleep quality: centella asiatica will be a natural and safe remedy used to improve sleep instead of taking regular sleeping pills that will affect memory and many other diseases.

👉 Improves Mood: centella asiatica can help relieve both chronic and acute stress, which can improve calm, alertness, and anxiety.

Address to sell prestigious and quality gotu kola powder in Ho Chi Minh City

Currently, in Ho Chi Minh City, there are many addresses selling pure centella asiatica powder, but not everywhere can guarantee the quality of the powder as well as the reasonable product price.

If you are wondering where to buy pure centella asiatica powder, our company ETTE INTERIOR will certainly not disappoint you.

🔸 To process centella asiatica powder, we ensure that this is a clean source of centella asiatica, grown from qualified biological farms, without using pesticides, without stimulants, so it is extremely safe and very good.

🔸 With modern production and processing lines, centella asiatica powder of ETTE INTERIOR company uses advanced sterilization cold drying technology. Therefore, the original flavor, good nutrients, minerals as well as natural color of centella asiatica are preserved, enhancing the effectiveness when used.

🔸 We always commit to a reasonable price of centella asiatica powder because this is a reputable source of centella asiatica powder.

Immediately contact our company ETTE INTERIOR via Hotline +84 28 3260 5500 for advice and ordering instructions.