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Check out the effects of chameleon plant powder

An introduction to lettuce and fish chameleon plant powder

Chameleon plant is a small, year-round grass that likes moisture, with rhizomes growing underground. Small roots grow at the nodes. Leaves are spaced, heart-shaped, sheathed, the tips of the leaves are slightly pointed or pointed, when crushed, they have a fishy smell like fish.

Herbaceous 15–50 cm tall, green or purple-red stems, 40 cm tall, hairy or sparsely hairy, lettuce leaves spaced between nodes, heart-shaped, tips slightly pointed or pointed. , the petioles are slightly curved. Because the plant has a fishy smell like the smell of fish, the plant is called fish lettuce or fish.

Produced from pure fresh lettuce leaves, chameleon plant powder is a dry powder product that contains many wonderful nutrients, how does the lettuce leaf work, the lettuce powder still retains its nutritional content. nursing.

Check out the effects of chameleon plant powder powder

Lettuce contains many nutrients such as vitamins A, B, iron, protein, calcium, active ingredients good for health: reynountrin, isoquercitrin, oleic acid and calcium chloride... Along with ingredients Chemical: capric acid, stearic acid, decanoyl acetaldehyde, etc.

With countless benefits for human health, it is not by chance and simple that lettuce is known as a "panacea" for health. Here are the most positive effects that chameleon plant powder brings:

👉 Chameleon plant powder has cool properties to help the body cool down, cool the liver, purify and detoxify the liver very well.

👉 Treat constipation in children and adults quite effectively.

👉 Support the treatment of dry cough, cough with phlegm, long-term cough quite effectively.

👉 Chameleon plant powder also helps to support the treatment of lactation for new-born women.

👉 In addition to supporting the treatment of diseases, chameleon plant powder also helps to stop bleeding and treat hemorrhoids very well.

👉 Using chameleon plant powder regularly is very good for the digestive system, especially good for people with inflammatory bowel disease, colitis.

👉 Chameleon plant can reduce fever quickly and effectively.

👉 Regulate menstruation for women, reduce menstrual delay.

👉 Helps treat vaginitis in women.

👉 Support the treatment of red swollen pimples caused by heat in the body thanks to its ability to purify and cool the body.

👉 One of the best uses of chameleon plant powder is to provide vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, ... to help the body increase the body's resistance.

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Not only does it bring health benefits, but chameleon plant powder also works in beauty, many women often use lettuce powder as a mask to:

👉 Helps make skin firmer and smoother.

👉 Helps to remove sebum on the skin, helps dry skin to prevent acne better.

👉 Effective treatment of inflammatory acne, pustules thanks to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and good skin detoxification properties.

👉 Supports skin whitening, anti-aging very well.

On the market today, there are many addresses selling chameleon plant powder, and to choose a reputable buying address is not easy.

Chameleon plant powder from ETTE INTERIOR company is sourced from raw materials harvested from standard biological farms, the powder does not contain colorants and chemical additives, ensuring safety and hygiene.

Besides, the chameleon plant powder in our company is applied cold-drying technology, sterilized and super-fine grinding, fragrant, easy to use, not pungent and not too fishy like when drinking fresh chameleon plant leaves. Affordable price will definitely make customers satisfied when using.

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