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Information you should know about dried durian

Information you should know about dried durian

What is dried durian?

You can understand that dried durian is a ripe durian after being carefully selected, workers will remove the skin and seeds, separate each segment for easy drying.

Dried durian has a naturally sweet taste, no sugar, chemicals or additives to ensure food safety and hygiene. Not only that, with dried durian, consumers can enjoy it anytime, anywhere without worrying about its smell. But the pieces of dried durian do not lose the delicious, nutritious flavor characteristic of fresh fruit.

Although durian is a rich source of nutrients, durian is still considered a hot fruit that causes acne and obesity, so many people think that this is a fruit with no health benefits. Let's see the nutritional value of durian.

Benefits of durian

With an abundance of vitamins and minerals, durian provides a lot of nutrients for the body.

✔️ The nourishment and development of the musculoskeletal system, helping to minimize the complications of osteoarthritis or osteoporosis for users are all from the potassium compound in durian.

✔️ A large amount of vitamin B compounds is also an essential source of nutrients for the functioning of the human body, especially pregnant women.

✔️ Durian is also useful for muscles, maintaining bone strength, helping to maintain and regulate thyroid activity, and protect the health of teeth and gums.

✔️ Helps prevent and relieve constipation, good digestion by providing a good source of crude fats for the body and reducing migraines.

✔️ Durian has the effect of helping to reduce depression, insomnia, creating a feeling of relaxation for people by increasing the level of serotonin in the brain, repelling anxiety and depression because it contains high amino acid tryptophan. .

The high sugar content in durian also has no bad fat, so it can maintain energy for the body for a long time. However, consumers need to use it moderately and reasonably to avoid overuse, which can cause heat and acne when eating a lot.

Dried durian - a new solution to preserve durian. Normally, after ripe durian, buyers have to use it for about 1-2 days, if the fruit is large, there is a lot of leftovers, they can be separated and put in the refrigerator, but this way does not guarantee the taste and nutrients. nutrition in durian. Not only that, but it also causes the refrigerator to have a persistent odor.

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Things to avoid when using durian

❌ People with diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammatory diseases, kidney failure, pimples should not use durian.

❌ It is necessary to limit eating durian with people who have negative conditions, internal heat, and symptoms: thin people, dry skin, irritability, night sweats, little urine, yellow urine, constipation, defecation…

❌ Those who have a weak stomach, if they eat a lot of durian, it will easily cause bloating, indigestion, and if they want to lose weight, they should also limit eating durian.

❌ Do not combine durian at the same time with drinks such as coffee or other types of beer, wine, rice wine because durian rice contains a large amount of oil with a fairly high sulfur concentration, which will cause digestive disorders. such as flatulence, nausea, fatigue, discomfort, even reduce the ability to eliminate toxins and thereby poison the body.

Dried durian at ETTE INTERIOR company commits that dried durian has a natural sweetness, no sugar, crispy spongy, delicious taste, nutritious, pure characteristic for crispy, bold pieces of dried durian. quality, strong smell no different from fresh fruit.

We always select famous fresh and delicious durians from qualified farms, then use standard drying technology that does not lose nutrients in the drying process, ensuring hygiene and safety. food security. Absolutely no chemicals and food additives are used.

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