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Tell you the use of dried soursop

Introduction to soursop

Soursop is also known as soursop, na siam, na gai depending on the growing area, can have a height of 3 - 10m, dense, dark leaves, hairless, green all year round. Blue flowers, growing on the stem, soursop fruit is large and has soft spines. The flesh is sweet and slightly sour, the seeds are dark brown.

Soursop is a delicious, nutrient-rich fruit, one of the superfoods for effective cancer prevention. However, when ripe, soursop is soft, easily crushed, broken, leading to extremely difficult transportation, so soursop growers have researched and found a way to make dried soursop.

With the product of dried soursop with a long warranty period, consumers can easily buy, use and feel the great uses that soursop brings.

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Uses of dried soursop

Improves Immune System: Soursop contains abundant vitamin C content, so it has a positive effect in improving the activity of the immune system.

Anti-oxidant, beautifying skin, promoting health: in addition to improving overall health, rich vitamins and minerals help prevent aging, bringing a smooth, youthful skin.

Improves anemia: thanks to its rich iron content, this fruit helps to regenerate red blood cells, prevent and improve symptoms of anemia such as dizziness, lightheadedness, etc.

Lowers blood pressure: this fruit helps regulate blood pressure, preventing stroke complications caused by this disease.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: potassium and magnesium play an important role in controlling heart rate and reducing systolic blood pressure, maintaining the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system and these two substances are present in soursop. 

Replenish an abundant source of energy for the body: Abundant carbohydrates help fuel the body quickly, dispel fatigue, maintain daily activities, and improve work performance.

Stimulating digestion: containing a lot of fiber, soursop has the effect of promoting digestion, stimulating intestinal contractions and creating an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract to grow.

Strengthens teeth and bones: The phosphorus and calcium content in this fruit helps to strengthen bones and strengthen teeth.

Weight loss, obesity treatment: vitamin C and fiber in soursop help promote digestion and burn fat. In addition, you will feel full longer when eating this fruit.

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